Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Services may include:

  • Language development
  • Auditory Management
  • Speech Development
  • Speech Reading
  • Sign Language as required
  • Deaf Culture when appropriate
  • An individual program for identified students
  • Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting
  • Provision of Auditory Training Equipment when appropriate
  • Provision of consultative services only when students on the direct caseload have all their service needs met.

Amplification and EA services for Hearing Program:

  • This individual assists students and teachers with the following:
  • Management of amplification equipment for children who use hearing aids, personal F.M. systems, Free Field. Sound systems and moveable F.M. equipment.
  • Maintains and updates Audiologic Assessment Database.
  • Provides in-service on use and care of amplification to teachers and child care workers working with individual children.
  • Provides direct instructional services under the supervision of teachers involved in the teaching of deaf and hard of hearing students in their classrooms.