Speech Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists provide the following services to students whose education is adversely affected by communication difficulties:

  • Evaluate students suspected of having speech and/ or language and communication difficulties;
  • Plan, develop and provide services to individual students by: implementing a consultative and collaborative process with School Based teams, classroom teachers, School and district based support staff and parents in order to best meet the identified needs;
  • Provide instruction and materials to educational assistants;
  • Participate in I.E.P. planning and program development;
  • Provide professional development and workshops for staffs and parents; and
  • Liaise with community agencies.

Speech and Language services may be delivered in a variety of ways, including direct therapy with an individual or on a group basis, consultation/collaboration with school personnel, direct work with students in the classroom, and development of home programs.

Speech and Language Assistant Services:

In the Prince Rupert School District Speech and Language Services are augmented by providing Speech and Language Therapy Assistant Services. These services are shared between schools. The SLA service is provided to individual students or groups of students based on recent and relevant assessments completed by a fully qualified and certified Speech and Language Pathologist.

The Speech and Language Pathologist plans, supervises and evaluates all services offered by S.L.A.s.  The S.L.A. may provide the following types of services under the ongoing supervision of the S.L.P.:

  • Practice exercises designed to help the student develop an understanding and use of basic language concepts;
  • Practice exercises designed to help the student improve articulation of target sounds;
  • Practice exercises designed to help the students improve reciprocal communication skills
  • Other activities designed and supervised by the S.L.P.