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Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD)

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Outside Agency Supports:

The Prince Rupert Board of Education is committed to working with community partners in order to provide the best possible services to students requiring other supports.  Relationships between outside agencies are encouraged and supported.  Each agency has its own procedures and policies around confidentiality, consents to provide information, and roles and responsibilities of the professionals employed by the agency.  The School District endeavors to understand these policies and procedures and to work co-operatively and collaboratively with community support services. Outside agencies are also encouraged to learn about and understand the policies and procedures that guide the work of professionals in the school district. The following services listed are agencies that the school district routinely works with collaboratively.

Child and Youth Mental Health: 250-624-7594 is a mainline. Ask for the clinician you wish to speak to from the main secretary. Clinicians in this agency work with students and families directly in their offices or in the schools. The clinicians will work with L.S.T.s to facilitate services from Psychiatry tele-health.

Ministry of Children and Families: Contact at: 250-624-7594. Ask for specific social worker of student or speak to the Intake Worker of the day.

Nisga’a Child and Family Services: This is a child authority and has social workers that help families with children’s services.

Northwest Inter-Nation Family Services: This is a child authority and has social workers that help families with children’s services.

Northcoast Community Services: 250-627-7166 is a mainline. Ask for the program you wish to speak to, for example; Empowerment Program, Kids Against Violence Program, Support Child Development Coordinator, Supervised Parental Visitation Services, Youth Workers etc.

Thompson Adult Services: These are services available to adults and young adults transitioning from the high school to adult services.

Northern Health Pediatric Services:  As of 2015, we have a visiting pediatrician who works closely with the school district.

Friendship House: There are many services provided by Friendship House so you will need to ask for the specific service the student is utilizing.  The school district works closely with Aboriginal Supported Child Development Services. Contact at 250-627-1717.