Play Activities for Home Part 1

Activity Why?
Go outside: if possible, play in a yard or on a driveway It’s important for children to get fresh air and going outside can be a great way to burn off energy.  Remember to practice social distancing when outside. When re-entering the home, wash hands with soap and water.
Build a pillow fort Fosters creative play & imagination.  For smaller children, lifting and moving large cushions is great exercise!
Pass a balloon back and forth, without letting it touch the ground A social activity that promotes hand-eye coordination and visual tracking.
Simon says A social activity that promotes listening and following directions.
Put together a puzzle Can be done as a social activity.  Promotes visual scanning and problem solving.
Play with playdough Can be done as a social activity.  Great exercise for the hand muscles!
Involve child in cooking from a recipe Social activity that promotes independence, following directions, literacy, and numeracy!
Play with Lego/Duplo or other blocks Can be done as a social activity.  Promotes creativity and fine motor skills!
Colour pictures Promotes fine motor skills.  The smaller the crayon, the better it is for promoting a good pencil grasp in young children.  Colouring can also help children express their feelings during times of anxiety.
Animal walks Can be done as a social activity.  Have children walk around a room as different animals: slither like a snake, hop like a bunny, walk on all fours like a bear, stomp like a dinosaur, etc.  Great way to burn off energy and develop gross motor skills!