Play Activities for Home Part 2

Activity Why?
Stretching or Yoga – there are lots of YouTube videos to help with this, like Cosmic Kids Yoga Stretching can be good for improving range of motion and balance and can also be calming/relaxing.
Shape search – show the child different shapes and then have child hunt within a room for those specific shapes Promotes visual scanning – moving your eyes to look for information.
I Spy Great social activity that promotes visual scanning and taking turns.
Sewing – can be done with just needle, thread, and some old rags Sewing can be great for children who are ready for more challenge for developing fine motor skills.  It can also be an outlet for creative expression!
Floor is lava – the floor is unsafe lava.  Designate certain spots on the floor, like cushions or pillows, as safe islands.  The objective is to jump from safe spot to safe spot to get across a room. This game can be great fun and easily adjusted for difficulty level.  It’s great for improving balance and agility!
Limbo – hold out a broom handle and have the child limbo underneath it. This can be made progressively more challenging and is a great way to target balance, coordination, and core strength!
Egg on a Spoon – balance an egg (can be a plastic Easter egg or a hard-boiled egg) on a spoon and try to walk across a room or yard without it falling off. Great for targeting balance and coordination.
Hide and Seek A great social activity that involves visual scanning, numeracy (counting before seeking), turn taking, and memory!
Make paper airplanes Can find instructions online or have the child come up with their own design.  Can be a social activity, see whose plane flies farthest.  Great for developing fine motor skills and throwing skills.
Origami paper frogs – just need paper in square pieces, google “origami paper frogs” for lots of websites that give instructions For children who are ready for more challenge with fine motor skills.  Origami promotes following directions.  This can be done as a social activity and the paper frogs really do jump!