Learning Services Helping Teacher

The Learning Services Helping teacher is responsible for the following areas:

  • District Partner for POPARD & POPTDDH
  • Works collaboratively with co-teaching and co-planning for all teachers in SD 52
  • Attends monthly meetings with Northern Health Pediatrician
  • Co-plan L.S.T. Meetings for L.S.T.s
  • Observes students and assists teachers in providing service for students within SD 52 and community agencies
  • Assists families with awareness of outside agency support to N.C.C.S., M.C.F.D., and Friendship House
  • Assists families with relationships with schools and assessing students, observing students and school feedback on programming
  • Attend counseling meetings with SD 52 counsellors and C.Y.M.H. Counsellors
  • Attend S.B.T.M. for students and families
  • Participates in the District Team VTRA Meetings
  • Assists in educating teachers, E.A.s and the public about various topics in regards to Learning Services and students