Elementary Counselling

District Elementary Counsellors are members of the Learning Services team. There are two District Elementary Counsellors; one of which is an Elementary Counsellor of Aboriginal Students. Each counsellor supports two or three elementary schools.  The District Elementary Counsellors facilitate processes and services that assist schools in meeting the needs of students who require assistance beyond classroom based programs such as the: Effective Behavioral Support (EBS) program found in each Elementary school or Restitution or WITs programs. The District Elementary Counsellors work collaboratively with government ministries and community organizations to identify, coordinate, and develop effective prevention and interventions programs to support at risk students.  The District Elementary Counsellors also assist the Learning Services team in ongoing evaluation of programs and services designed to support the district’s most vulnerable children and youth. The District Elementary Counsellor:

  • Facilitates the resolution of serious problems related to student needs,
  • Facilitates effective communication and liaison among community based counseling services provided to schools through Child and Youth Mental Health or private counseling services
  • Participates in planning, implementation and delivery of related staff development
  • Assists with the transition of students with learning or behavioral challenges from elementary to middle or secondary programs
  • Assists in the development of integrated education programs and integrated case management processes,
  • Assists the School District in developing community partnerships

Plays an integral role in the “Responding to Critical Incidents Guidelines for Schools.”