Occupational Therapy

Services offered by the Occupational Therapist to teachers, students, and families include but are not limited to:

  • Consultation to teachers to help students be as independent as possible in all areas within the school and community
  • To promote the quality of movement and posture, including fine motor function (use of scissors, printing, handwriting) and motor planning skills
  • Maintaining and checking proper seating and positioning for those individuals in wheelchairs. Also involved in organizing and working at Sunny Hill Outreach Seating Clinics
  • Assessment advice/demonstrations to E.A.s and Teachers re: functional mobility issues such as lifts, transfers, independence in walking or in manual or power wheelchair, endurance and the ability to keep up with other students
  • Consulting re: life skill issues such as feeding, toileting and mobility issues for students with special needs
  • Assess accessibility within the classroom and school environment including equipment needs (bath chairs, seating, slant boards etc)
  • Assessment of gross and fine motor skills, muscle tone, weakness and joint dysfunction

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