10 Awesome Educational YouTube Channels

YouTube is great for funny videos – but it is also full of learning opportunities! Below are links to 10 YouTube channels that are great for kids and families.

Parents and guardians, this list includes channels that cover a variety of subjects. Please check out the channels to ensure they are appropriate for your child

1. The Brain Scoop: Hosted by Emily, the Chicago Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent, this channel is focused on natural history, with Labs, Ask the Experts, and Behind the Scenes videos! Some examples include: The Joy of Cooking (with Bugs!) and Why did King Tut have a Flat Head?

2. It’s Okay to Be Smart: This channel is filled with really great science videos. The description on their channel explains it best: Joe Hanson, Ph.D. is a curious group of atoms in a curious universe, and he’s here to tell you how it all works. Some of the videos they have are Why is Blue so Rare in Nature? and Why Don’t Birds Lay Square Eggs?

3. Ted-Ed: from the organization that brings the world Ted Talks, this channel has many videos covering a variety of topics such as art, computer programming, nature, science and Ted Talks given by students. There are also riddles and puzzles. Some of the videos you’ll find here are  students talking about How the language you speak affects your thoughts, Questions no one knows the answers to, and Why isn’t the world covered in poop?

4. Super-Awesome Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show: Sylvia is super awesome and she leads us on how to make things like silly putty, sidewalk chalk and lava lamps!

5. Ryan’s World: Ryan loves science experiments, acting out skits, challenges and arts and crafts, to name a few!

6. Flocabulary: Ever wished your teacher would rap your lesson? Well, that dream is a reality on this channel! Flocabulary uses hip hop to engage and teach math, socials, language arts and more.

7. National Geographic Kids: Animals, science and more! Nat Geo Kids is a great resource for videos on the world around us.

8. The Houston Zoo: Tigers, jellyfish, tortoises, moles – you name it, the Houston Zoo has a video about it!

9. minutephysics: physics in a minute! Well, a few minutes. This channel explains physics and other science using fun animations.

10. ExpeRimental: Short videos demonstrating how to do fun, cheap science at home.

Honourable Mention:

Smart Girls: For older students, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls channel features strong, intelligent women (and men) discussing various topics from social issues, to science, to jokes.