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Delightful Decoding: Phonological Awareness, Phonics & Fun.  Evidence-based activities to raise decoding skills for all ages.  Workshop will include the biggest early predictors of later reading success, the nature of dyslexia, the most effective reading interventions as well as lots of classroom-ready activities to practice and share.

Delightful Decoding Presentation

Jolly Phonics Level 1 Bingo – 20 sheets

Jolly Phonics Level 2 Bingo – 25 sheets

Jolly Phonics Level 3 Bingo – 25 sheets

Jolly Phonics Level 4 Bingo 25 – sheets

2 3 4 Phoneme Words Pictures

Green-Red Syllable Structure Helper

Phonics Monsters Playing Cards


Presenting Words Orally First

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