Department Philosophy

The learning services that we provide to students in School District #52 are based on a belief that every student has the right to meaningful access to all opportunities to learn in an appropriate, individually responsive, public education system.  It is recognized that individual learners fall along a continuum of diverse abilities, interests and skills; therefore it is the school district’s responsibility to present curriculum to each student that is suitable to the varying levels of student need.

Over time every student will require varying degrees of support as they progress through their educational program.  Some students will learn new concepts with ease while others may experience significant struggles in learning.

All schools within the district endeavor to provide instruction, curriculum and environments which enable all learners to physically and cognitively access an educational program which supports achievement of personal and provincial education goals.

A range of services are available to support students. The services available may be provided by a variety of staff including principals/vice principals, classroom teachers, specialist staff and support staff.

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